East Austin Succulents

On a recent trip to At Home (a glorious home goods place, if you’ve never been), Brian and I found an owl planter that was on sale for $4. Brian isn’t too fond of my owl obsession, but I won him over with this one. We decided to plant a succulent or two in. I’d heard of East Austin Succulents and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to check it out. Upon arrival, we quickly picked up 4-5 plants and realized we’d made a mistake in visiting – we were about to spend out life savings on succulents! There were so many cool, unique plants. We loved it. The majority of the plants ranged from $2.50-$7.50, great quality and absolutely affordable.

In the end, we selected 6 plants and went back to At Home for another planter. What do you think?

Update: On another trip to At Home, I found 2 more discounted owl planters. When they’re $5, how can you say no?! So now I need to go BACK to East Austin Succulents for 4 more plants. How terrible.

Ice Storm

With spring right around the corner, I wanted to post these photos from the last ice storm we had in Austin. I used my Photojojo macro iPhone lens. When purchased, this lens comes as two lenses in one. It comes assembled as a wide angle lens, then you can unscrew the wide angle, leaving the macro lens. For $20, you can’t beat it. I talk about these lenses all the time, but know that I’ve never been paid too! I genuinely love this inexpensive piece of iPhoneography equipment. If you have an iPhone, you should have Photojojo lenses! Although, if Photojojo wanted to send me some free gear to test, I wouldn’t hate it…

Food Photography

I’ve been working a lot on my food photography, doing my best to follow the current trends. I wish some of these were brighter… But I was working with the lighting I had. I’m hoping to get a portable surface of some kind, whether it be a small table or piece of reclaimed wood, something I can take outside to photograph on.

I was at my aunt’s for Thanksgiving and she has some beautiful dishes and silverware. The little tiny cups are my great great grandma’s. My aunt also has a wonderful succulent/plant collection.

Eaton Canyon

While my family was waiting to move, we spent a lot of downtime in a hotel. One afternoon I was getting antsy and decided to take my Photojojo macro lens out to Eaton Canyon.  It was ridiculously hot and I didn’t even bring a water bottle, so I didn’t get very far. I think I still managed to get a few good shots anyway.

This bee shot was my favorite. The iPhone 5 has an amazing response time, so I just tapped my finger as fast as I could, hoping one would end up in focus. Special thanks to the Photojojo macro lens!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


More Macro Fun

I was sitting around this afternoon with nothing important to do, so I decided to head outside and take some more macro photos of flowers and plants and such! A little bug landed on my arm, so I took a quick picture of it. I don’t really like close up photos of skin, but making it black and white seemed to make it better.