The Banisters at Lucky Lounge

It has been a long time since I’ve used my DSLR and even LONGER since I’ve photographed a band. However, when a few of my coworkers said their band had a show, I wanted to check them out! I decided to dust off my camera and travel downtown to watch The Banisters at The Lucky Lounge.

You can find The Banisters on Facebook and Instagram (@thebanistersatx)


Make Music Pasadena

Throwback Thursday! Last year, I ran around Pasadena during their music festival, Make Music Pasadena. It was simply fantastic. I’ve taken a lot of photos over the past year, but these are still some of my favorites! I figured they were worthy of a TBT repost.

My favorite photos came from Hunter Hunted, The Record Company, and We Are Scientists (and some other random drummer). This year, Make Music Pasadena is scheduled for June 7th. Mark your calendars!