Last weekend, my mom and I went to Georgetown, TX. Our main plan was to see the Women Painting Women exhibit at the Georgetown Art Center. It’s free and the show is made up of all local Texas painters. The volunteer working was very nice and knowledgeable. It’s a wonderful show – worth a look if you’re in the area.

After the WPW, we walked around Georgetown’s town square, “The most beautiful town square in Texas!” I’ll admit, it’s a pretty cute town square. Their courthouse sits in the middle. Surrounding it are rows of cute little craft shops, thrift stores, and antique shops. Some of the buildings are shockingly old. It makes me so happy to see them being preserved and utilized. Georgetown definitely has an, “Aw, isn’t this adorable” kind of vibe. My mom and I loved it.

One of the shops, Handcrafts Unlimited, had lots of crafts made by local seniors. It was pretty neat to see a shop just for them. The most impressive thing in the shop was a quilt that was under construction. Every Thursday, women (and men?) volunteer time to work on the quilt. When it’s finished, the quilt is raffled off to help fund the nonprofit craft shop. I definitely want to revisit the shop on a Thursday so I can watch them work.

We also stopped in at Galaxy Bakery. It’s a family run bakery just off the main town square drag. We went in looking for some Father’s Day treats – boy, did we find some! We decided on a small cupcake sampler set and a SUPER BROWNIE. If you visit Galaxy Bakery, you have to get a Super Brownie. It will be best $6 you’ve spent in a long time. My dad said it was was the best brownie he’d ever eaten. Basically, it’s two brownies glued together with frosting to create this mega brownie cube. Incredible. I don’t have any photos if it, unfortunately. I was too excited about it when we unpackaged it at home that we ate into it before I could get my camera out.

Other places of note…
If you’re craving breakfast, visit Monument Cafe. I wrote about my fantastic experience there on my Austin blog. There is also a candy shop in the main town square of shops called Sweet Serendipity Inc. I bought some truffles and other candies from there and OH MY GOSH they were delicious. Again, no photos because I did not have the patience! They also have ice cream and various home decorations. After eating everything in sight, hit the San Gabriel River Park trails. It’s very park-y, so bring the kids and the strollers. The trail goes along the river, eventually ending at Georgetown Lake (if you can make it that far!) Again, I blogged about those trails on my Austin blog.

What are your favorite places to visit in Georgetown? Let me know!


While walking around downtown a few weeks ago. The JW Marriott is in full swing and there’s a new restaurant in the lobby – Corner! True to its name, it sits on the corner of 2nd and Congress with an amazing wrap around patio.

We had some margaritas, tacos, and chicken sandwiches. All the food was excellent. As is expected of a hotel restaurant, it was a little pricey. However, everyone was satisfied with the food (the chicken sandwich was SO good) and no one complained when the bill arrived. I’d certainly go back!

1886 Cafe and Bakery

Last fall, my mom and I were downtown at the Pecan Street Festival and were mesmerized by the beautiful Driskill Hotel. We wandered inside and ooed and awed at the elaborate architecture. It was built in 1886 by Mr. Driskill for $400,000. Inside, the hotel has a cute little bakery called the 1886 Cafe and Bakery. We were drawn to it immediately! It was later in the day though, and we already ate, so we had to take a rain check.

Fast forward six months later to the spring 2015 Pecan Street Festival. This time, my mom and I planned our day around brunch at the Driskill. Plan accordingly! We got there at 10am and it was already packed. We had to wait about 40 minutes. It wasn’t a big deal though – we killed time by exploring the hotel’s common areas.

The food was excellent, priced well, and the service was wonderful. I had a beautifully cooked over-easy egg, with potatoes (regular, sweet, and purple – can you say perfection?) and sausage links. My mom got a cute Texas waffle with fresh fruit. Of course, no breakfast is complete without coffee. Basically, we started planning out return visit the second we left! If you’re ever downtown, I would recommend a meal at 1886 Cafe and Bakery. You get the benefit of dining in an upscale location, without the upscale cost.

Product and Food

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Raised Garden Bed

This post is long over due, but… Brian and I built a raised garden bed! Brian did a lot of research on design and how to actually construct the thing, so major kudos to him. We decided on making a box that was 4x2x1 feet. Initially, we thought that might be kind of small, but after building it, we were very happy with the size. We bought all our supplies at Lowe’s and they were really great – they cut all the wood we needed!

The construction process was surprisingly simple! We cut one foot 2x4s to drill and screw the corners together. On the bottom, we used a staple gun to fix a sheet of weed blocking tarp.

Here’s what it looked like once constructed!

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Once we placed the box where we wanted it, we filled it with a mixture of organic garden soil, compost, and manure.

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Then we planted. We have zucchini, tomato, strawberries, bell pepper, and peppermint.

Overall, the project was extremely simple. We were kind of shocked when it was over – we couldn’t believe we’d actually done it. Now, we wait for fruit and veggies…

Tiny Pies

The cute cupcake trend has hit new heights – gourmet individual tiny pies. I thought this was such a cool idea, so I went to Tiny Pies on Burnet Road to try them out for myself. They were great! I definitely liked the fruit pies more than the sweeter pies though.

The front of the shop is painted wonderfully. I believe they have finished it since I took these photos.

I got two pies: Peanut Butter Cup and Cherry. Cherry was definitely better. Loved their fruit pies!

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Tiny Pies

St. Philip

FINALLY. I have found good pizza in Austin. For being such a foodie city, I have not been impressed with the pizza scene. Now, there are some people out there who are pizza fanatics/snobs and I’m definitely not one of those. Pizza has always tasted the same to my unrefined palette: good. But what I’ve tried in Austin so far has left me wanting more. My favorite pizza comes from the California chain Me-N-Ed’s, and since I can’t get that anymore, I’ve had to find a new favorite place. So far, every Austin chain I’ve tried was disappointing.

Then, I tried St. Philip Pizza Parlor + Bakeshop. Boom. Delicious pizza, located off the 290/71 frontage road near Brodie Lane.

I built my own pizza, with goat cheese and mixed vegetables, and loved every bite of it! The dough is buttery and garlic-y. It’s on the thinner side, but the rim crust is nice and doughy. With my pizza (note to self: they are definitely large enough to share). I ordered a cold brew Cuvee coffee. It was good, but a little too strong for my taste. I’m sure it’s high quality coffee, but it was a little overwhelming to drink.

Sharing the space with St. Philip Pizza Parlor is the Bakeshop. Before leaving, we picked up a few pastries. They also have soft serve ice cream. Also, I liked the sign that said “Exit through the bakeshop.” I’m not sure if that’s meant to be purely instructional, but it reminded me of “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and I enjoyed that. Always love a little Banksy.

So, if you’ve new to Austin and are struggling to find pizza you enjoy, try St. Philip. My only complaint is that the don’t deliver!

Austinites: What’s your favorite pizza place?

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