Natural Bridge Caverns

Over the Easter weekend (I know… this post is LONG overdue…), Brian and I went to San Antonio to visit his family. Together, we took a day trip out to Natural Bridge Caverns. The area gets its name from the bridge that exits in nature.

I’ve never been to any sort of cavern before, so I was very impressed. The cave trail is .75 miles of underground beauty. Being the weekend, it was very crowded. We were basically shoulder to shoulder with people walking through the tunnels (which made me stopping to take photos every 2 feet very awkward…). I’m definitely looking forward to going back on a weekday when we can really take out time meandering along.

My favorite room in the cave was the Emerald Lake. The water was so clear and the reflections were simply beautiful.

Because this was our first time, we opted for the basic Discovery Tour. Natural Bridge Caverns also offers a Hidden Passages Tour, and Adventure Tour, and an early morning/night time Lantern Tour, where you explore the dark caves by lantern light only. If underground isn’t your thing, there’s a large ropes course outside ending with a zip line.

Brian bought some souvenirs, along with a beautiful necklace for me!

Sunday Inspiration 4/20/14

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing day with friends and family!

Reflecting on photos that have inspired me this week, I’ve found the theme is dark. A few weeks ago, I was drawn to light, airy, pastel photos (and I still am), but I’m also starting to love the opposite. My creative collection on Tumblr features black on black, light and colorful foods on black plates, and soft, dark lighting.

This was not a good week for finding original photo sources. Tumblr is a HAVEN for stealing photos. Some photos had no sources or trackbacks, so I cannot credit the photographer. Even when linking back to a blog, it’s hard to tell if that’s an original source. Some did link to Flickr accounts, so that was great. If any of the unlinked photos are yours, please let me know! And then blame Tumblr.