Athletics and Dance

It’s been a while since I photographed a sports event. I don’t plan on going back to this sort of thing, but it’s allays fun to look back on my Athletics and Dance portfolio.

University of Texas

I have COMPLETELY fallen off the grid the last few weeks. So sorry for that. All is well (better than well), and I’m focused again on making blogging a priority (and running, but that’s another story).

Today, my family and I walked around the University of Texas. Not a very action-packed trip, but still enjoyable. We saw the bell tower, the Longhorn stadium, turtle pond, and plenty of pretty buildings.

UCLA Men’s Tennis

I went to my first tennis match last weekend! The UCLA men’s tennis team competed in the first round of the NCAA tournament against Cal Poly (and won). We got to watch Clay Thompson play, which was really cool. He’s the number one college player in the US.

UCLA Softball

The Phillips family is no stranger to UCLA baseball games, but, last weekend, we decided to switch it up and watch the UCLA softball team. The game was so lively! Lots of young girls, there with their softball teams, chanted and cheered from the stands – it was very cute. After a slow start, UCLA ended up with the win over Utah.

Caltech in the Rain

The family got together for Ryan’s (early) 21st birthday last weekend. We were going to go for a walk and, what are the odds, it was raining! It only rains a handful of days in LA and it happened to be on the one day we had plans. After a fantastic breakfast at Bea Bea’s, we went back to my place and opened some gifts. Finally we decided, “Hey, we have umbrellas, lets go walking anyway!” So we drove over to Caltech and walked through their beautiful campus. We got a little wet, but didn’t mind.

UCLA Baseball

The Phillips family went to our first UCLA baseball game of the season! We went to see Grant Watson, my brother’s childhood friend and college roommate, pitch. Unfortunately, the game was a bust.

Beautiful Westwood, Los Angeles

Loved spending the day in Westwood! My family and I went to see the UCLA gymnastics team (they won, go Bruins!)  and then out to lunch. It was great to walk around campus and shoot with my iPhone Photojojo wide angle lens. The sky was beautiful, full of clouds.