Interior and Exterior Design Photography

Architectural photography can be tricky. Unlike photographing products, you can’t simply move buildings or rooms into better lit places.

I work with a full-frame Canon EOS R to ensure every part of your space is captured from corner to corner.

I’d love to help document your beautiful space. Whether you need simple documentation of an artistic installation, promotional materials for your new apartment complex, social media content for your shopping district, photos of your Airbnb (etc.) let me know!

Rates vary, but generally are as follows:

  • $150 for one hour of shooting.
  • Depending on the shot list you have in mind, we can easily adjust time time and cost! $75 for a quick capture of your new brick and mortar store or $300 for a two-hour, multi-space property shoot, for example.
  • Then, the photos are yours to use however you need (website, social media content, print materials, etc.)

Curious to see some of my work in the wild?

Just want me to brag about your space instead?

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