Natural Bridge Caverns

Over the Easter weekend (I know… this post is LONG overdue…), Brian and I went to San Antonio to visit his family. Together, we took a day trip out to Natural Bridge Caverns. The area gets its name from the bridge that exits in nature. I’ve never been to any sort of cavern before, so I was very impressed. The cave trail is .75 miles…

East Austin Succulents

On a recent trip to At Home (a glorious home goods place, if you’ve never been), Brian and I found an owl planter that was on sale for $4. Brian isn’t too fond of my owl obsession, but I won him over with this one. We decided to plant a succulent or two in. I’d heard of East Austin Succulents and this seemed like…

Zoo Animals

This Thursday, I wanted to feature some older photos of animals. I took these photos at the LA Zoo and the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park several years ago. Looking at photos like these remind me how important it is to carry my DSLR… You just can’t get photos like this with an iPhone!

Backyard Beauty

Played around with my Photojojo macro lens while checking on our raised garden bed.

Raised Garden Bed

This post is long over due, but… Brian and I built a raised garden bed! Brian did a lot of research on design and how to actually construct the thing, so major kudos to him. We decided on making a box that was 4x2x1 feet. Initially, we thought that might be kind of small, but after building it, we were very happy with the size….

Lake Austin, Skinny Limits, and Ladybugs

A few weeks ago, Brian, my family and I went to walk around Lady Bird Lake. I know it’s always packed with people, making it difficult to attain that “I’m being peaceful in nature” feeling, but I just love it. I don’t mind the crowds at all. And I never as up a chance to get photos of the lake and the downtown skyline! After…

Bees and Bugs

Spring has sprung in Texas! While in the backyard, working on a raised garden bed (blog to come soon) I took some photos of bees and other insects. As usual, I used my Photojojo macro iPhone attachment lens. I mainly focused on the bees, but I did find this pretty snail shell and a scary looking spider.

Brushy Creek

It was a little wet, but Brian and I decided to explore Brushy Creek anyway. It’s a beautiful park and lake with 6.75 miles of trails (view the trail map here) in the middle of Cedar Park. It was wonderful to discover a small piece of nature so close to Brian’s house. We started at the main fishing dock of Brushy Creek Lake. After admiring…

Ice Storm

With spring right around the corner, I wanted to post these photos from the last ice storm we had in Austin. I used my Photojojo macro iPhone lens. When purchased, this lens comes as two lenses in one. It comes assembled as a wide angle lens, then you can unscrew the wide angle, leaving the macro lens. For $20, you can’t beat it. I talk about…

Enchanted Rock

Finally, I have hiked to the top of Enchanted Rock! Brian and I took a day trip out there and it was beautiful. It really sparked our desire for more outdoor adventure! We went to Enchanted Rock for a Stargazing event, so there were a lot of people in the park. I’m looking forward to going back when it’s more secluded. I brushed the…