Instagram Favorites: October

Here’s another batch of my most popular Instagram photos. This month’s photos were taken at the Lady Bird Lake boardwalk, Jo’s Coffee, Thai Spice, Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill, and the Lakeway Marina. The image with the yellow flower racked up 54 likes – the greatest amount of likes I’ve ever received! Thanks for all the support, everyone! I’m on Instagram @kphilphoto.

Instagram Favorites: September

I’ve really been feeling the love on Instagram lately! Thanks to all my new followers 😀 I wanted to post some of the most popular photos from September. See all my photos on @kphilphoto.

Instagram Favorites

It always interests me to see what I think will be popular vs. actually becomes popular on my Instagram feed. Often, I post a photo and think, “This is it Kelly, you photo genius” and it gets 10 or so disappointing likes. On the other hand, I’ll be out walking somewhere, snap and post a quick picture, and it blows up! Goes to show…