Sherwood Forest Faire

There are only two weekends left of the Sherwood Forest Faire near Austin, TX. This year was the first time I’d ever visited. While the set up is elaborate, with 40 stages and 130 merchant shops, a day in Sherwood Forest can get a bit pricy. However, there is still one day left where you can get in two for one (Sunday, March 22, if you enter before noon). It’s $20 per adult ($10 for children), plus food, plus any activities you want to participate in, like throwing knives or shooting arrows. Of course, if you want any souvenirs or renaissance garb, that’ll cost you as well.  If you had children, this could end up being an expensive day for you! However, it was just my mom and I and we were content walking around and watching some shows. **EDIT: I just noticed on their Facebook page, Sherwood Forest Faire is offering the two for one deal on Friday March 20, Saturday March 21, AND Sunday March 22! Still have to enter before noon.

That being said, I want to emphasize how impressive the set up was. Sherwood Forest Faire is spread over 23 acres. There were times when my mom and I had no idea where we were. We were completely immersed in the renaissance village. The taverns and shops all had medieval facades and almost everyone was dressed up in some way. We wandered the shops, ate lunch (wonderful gyros and turkish coffee floats!), and watched some shows. The highlight of the day? Combat jousting. I’d say that show was worth the price of admission. The knights wear real metal armor weighing 125-140 lbs and actually knock each other off their horses. When you arrive, grab a schedule and plan your day around the combat jousting. There are also musical groups, hand-to-hand combat shows, falconry demonstrations, an escape artist, and much more. The shows are free, so see as many as you can.

You can download schedules for each weekend HERE. The weekend of March 28-29 is listed as a jousting tournament weekend. My recommendation would be to visit then!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

A few shots of the inside of Sherwood Forest. If you happen to visit when it’s raining, make sure you bring shoes you don’t mind getting a little muddy!

The Faire is excellent for people watching. The costumes are elaborate and all the workers (and many of the guests) are in character.

Finally, jousting! We saw two jousting shows. One was challenge jousting, which was spearing apples and other fruits/vegetables and guiding lances through small metal rings. It’s an awesome display of skill. Then there is combat jousting, where the knights go at each other full speed ahead!

After the combat jousting, the knights got into a fist fight and picked up swords and hammers. Although clearly scripted, the battle was a blast to watch. And the kids LOVED it.

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