February’s Inspiration

In February, I discovered something awesome. It’s called: Bullet Journaling. I’ve always thought of my schedule as a series of lists: things to do, people to call, things to buy, etc. Calendars are fine, but I needed something more focused on what I needed to do, not so much when I needed to do it. I’ve decided to share mine with you! If you want to see more, look up “Bullet Journal” on YouTube. There are TONS of videos to get you started.

I’m using a Moleskine with grid paper. It’s a soft cover and has a strap to keep it closed, a book mark, and a little folder in the back. I love it! The two little tabs mark the months, one for February and one for March.

Now to the inside… There are guidelines for how to set up your bullet journal, but basically, you start with a month overview. Everything for February follows this page.

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Next, I make pages that are specific to the week. This includes, a weekly To-Do list.

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On the next few pages, I keep track of various things, like people to contact, non-time sensitive tasks, and my running schedule. There are also some things that I try and do a certain number of times per week. For example, I try and stretch every day, do pilates 5 times a week, read 3 times a week, etc. I keep track of that in a table called “Habits.”

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Finally, we get to the weekly spread. Here, I write down appointments or meetings, along with a few things from my weekly To-Do list that I want to accomplish each day.

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Then, you can add whatever you want! You don’t have to repeat them every week, they can just be one time things. For example. I have lists of books I want to read, movies I want to watch, and things I want to add to my teaching binder. I also included a little workout challenge that I printed and glued in. I’ve already added miscellaneous things since I’ve started, like a monthly goals section, a “looking forward” section that has tasks for two weeks in advance, and a bunch of other things. If I like them, great! If not, I’ll drop them for the next month. Love the flexibility!

While you might think this is the exact opposite of creativity, I believe it may actually serve as a great jumping off point towards a creative endeavor (which I so desperately need). Bullet journaling is extremely flexible. I can’t really mess it up. If I do something I don’t like (like the way I was tracking my job search) I don’t have to continue with it the next month. The pages move on and I never see it again. I recreate my bullet journal every day, basically, so I can modify as I need. One of my biggest issues with starting something like an art notebook is that I’m so afraid of ‘messing it up’ that I can’t bring myself to start. However, I think if I take the bullet journal mindset and apply it to an art journal, maybe I’ll be ok! I’ll watercolor one day. Don’t like it? Flip the page and start new again. Small doodles work out? Yes! Ok, do that more. Add color. No, color sucks, on the next page, no color. And on and on.

Also, the calendars and schedules themselves can be works of art! I often struggle with what to create in my art journal that I create nothing. But I LOVE calendars and schedules. I’ve seen some amazingly colorful, creative, and inspiring artsy schedules out there. Thanks Pinterest! I’ve posted a few here:

As you can see, I certainly have a long way to go to get from where I am now, to these (points above). Still, I’m hoping to start an art journal this month. I think my goal will be to fill up something. If at the end, it’s horrible and I hate the whole thing, then at least I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t like. Should I post my art journal creations here? It’d really help me stay committed if I knew someone wanted to see them!

6 Comments on “February’s Inspiration

  1. It would be great to see your progress! I started an art journal this year. Not a planner I use an app for that but this is still an inspiring concept and could be i Incorporated into my art journal. Your bullet journaling is awesome!

    • Thank you so much! I’m definitely going to try art journaling. Hope yours is going well!

      • It has been a fun process 🙂 I’m mostly using the things I have already. I used to scrapbook so I have a ton of stuff. I did buy paints and things like that. Enjoy your journey!

  2. Post the progress on the journal! I have to be able to stalk it from UCLA.

    • Ok, I will! I only have two drawings/sketches so far… But I’ll post those and I’ll try and do more!

  3. Please let us know how it is going. I would love to know how your Bullet Journal changes, grows and morphs as time goes on. That is what is so great about Bullet Journaling. It can be anything you want it to be… from one minute to another! Love this post! Thanks for sharing!

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