Lakeway, TX

In Bakersfield, I used to walk with my parents every morning (during my time of ‘funemployment’). We would walk 3-5 miles though mostly suburban track homes, passing a McDonalds, a few parking lots, and a school or two. It was… Not the most beautiful or relaxing walk. We usually had to yell to one another over the street traffic.

One thing my family was looking forward to in Austin is the amount of trails! There are hiking and biking trails everywhere! Most are though greenbelts or along lakes and rivers.

In Lakeway, we live along a greenbelt with several trails. In 40 minutes, you can walk up the Hamilton Greenbelt Trail to a beautiful lookout. If you’re in Lakeway, I highly recommend checking the trails. A list of trails and parks can be found, with a map, on the Lakeway website.

Who says Texas is ugly and treeless?!

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