Traveling to Los Angeles

It has been OVER A MONTH since I last posted a real blog post. Ugh. With the new year coming up, I’m tempted to create a blogging related resolution. As you know, I take my New Year’s Resolutions very seriously. Between work and school (and my man!), I’ve been pretty busy. When I have a day off, I usually just want to lay around! I’m thinking about setting a goal to blog once a week. That’s not as much as I used to blog, but it’s more than I do now (which is basically never). I’d also like to spend more time on my blogs. If I knew what I wanted to feature each week, I could start it early and edit it several times before publishing.

Anyway… I’m in Los Angeles right now! It’s the first time I’ve been back since we moved into our new home in Austin. I usually hate flying, but this trip I was surprisingly calm. I played some Plants vs. Zombies, listened to the Stuff You Should Know podcast, and of course, took some photos out the window.


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