Sunday Inspiration 10/12/13

It’s been a LONG time since I posted my Sunday Inspiration. I usually find photos from Tumblr, but this time my inspiration comes from Instagram. I’ve started following a lot of bakers/food photographers/lifestyle/fashion bloggers. Instagram is my favorite social media right now, and I’m scrolling it 24/7. I’ve chosen three instagrammers this week, but there are many more that I love!

@nectarandstone is a dessert designer, stylist, and photographer from Melborne. Her photos are elegantly styled, pink and pastel, and delicious to look at! They also tend to be minimal with geometric patterns, which is very appealing to me.

@partywithlenzo is also from Australia and describe themselves as “event inspiration, hire & trade.” I love their whimsical, fun, brightly colored photos, which often mix floral displays and pastries. Their style is PERFECT. They can plan all my future parties, for sure.

@ohladycakes is a baker from Denver, Colorado. Her photos have a soft fade that make me feel like she’s baking in a cabin in the woods. Very comforting, very stylish, very simple.

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