Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary


I recently spent the morning at the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary. You know the Phillips family loves a good zoo! We had a blast. If you go expecting a real big zoo, then you’ll be disappointed (but the fact that tickets are only $9 should have tipped you off…). It’s more like a small animal reserve. The Austin Zoo, “is a private, non-profit zoo, with over 350 animals across a hundred different species. Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary is a forever home for our rescued animals.” Many of the animals were once pets, circus animals, or injured/abandoned in the wild. For people that don’t like the idea of zoos, you may find comfort here. These animals were would most likely be dead or living in poor/ abusive conditions if it weren’t for the Austin Zoo!

The best part was feeding the animals. For $2, you can buy a big bag of pellets and feed eager goats, deer, sheep and llamas. These goats are wild! They jump up on the railing and get right in your face. Pretty cool, if you ask me. There are also a bunch of beautiful peacocks and other birds roaming the grounds.

There’s also a train you can ride for another $2.50. It’s a good little ride, about 10-15 minutes, through the hill country landscape. Beautiful views.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

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