Shoal Creek

All I’ve been doing in Austin these last two weeks is eating, so I’ve decided to try and get my running routine back on track. Since I’ve been living out of 9 different hotels (I’ve lost track, something like that) in the last month, my whole workout schedule has completely fallen apart. Luckily, Austin has some amazing trails for walking, running and biking. The other day, I walked and ran around the Shoal Creek green belt, starting at Pease Park. Large parts of the area are undergoing restoration, so there are lots of fences up. The trails are fine, but the fences kind of take away from the ‘running in nature’ feel. But restoration is a good thing! I’m sure the greenbelt will be even better preserved and in a more user-friendly condition when the restoration is finished in 2016. Pease Park also has a small spray park, which was very refreshing at the end of my run. Parking was not as abundant as at the Ladybird Lake trail around town lake, but we found 2 hour street parking near the local businesses.

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