Brunch at the OP Cafe

I was back in Los Angeles this weekend and had brunch at the OP Cafe in Santa Monica. What a cute little place! It’s super small and cozy (and from what I’ve heard, can get very busy with long waits during peak hours). They have free parking in the back, but we didn’t try to find it. The cafe is located across the street from a corporate center, so there were plenty of meters. In Santa Monica, we’re used to feeding the meter! They were arranged at the font of parking spots, so you don’t have to worry about parallel parking on the street.

My family was there around 1pm and we were seated quickly with our drinks and order taken promptly. Just a few minutes later, our food was served! Fast, attentive service from a kind waiter. I get annoyed when waiters walk right by our table several times without even acknowledging us. I feel like that has happened to me a lot over the last few months. Waiting for 10 minutes to get a “hello, can I get you something to drink?” is not ok.

The OP Cafe serves breakfast and lunch all day (they close at 3pm). I got the country breakfast – a biscuits and gravy meal! I say that excitedly, because it’s hard to find a place that will serve biscuits and gravy as a part of a meal with eggs and a breakfast meat. Most cafes have pancake and french toast meals, but you always have “a side of biscuits and gravy.” If you try and piece together a meal of sides, it’s too much food, and ordering biscuits and gravy on the side of a regular meal is WAY to much… oh the breakfast food dilemmas! I was so happy to find the OP Cafe offered my perfect meal 🙂 Also, it was tasty! The biscuits were sour and soft, and the gravy was a little spicy. The biscuits were a little small (something that never happens!), but that also meant that, for once, I wasn’t stuffed sick with breakfast food. I was contently full.

Also, they serve their syrup from a honey bear bottle. It’s adorable.

My only negative comment about the OP Cafe is that the coffee was a little weak and watery tasting. I realize we were late to the cafe, coming two hours before it closed at 3pm, so maybe it would have been better first thing in the morning. The coffee wasn’t bitter or sour though, so it certainly could have been worse.

I highly recommend the OP Cafe if you’re in Santa Monica!
The OP Cafe
3117 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA

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and Twitter (hasn’t been updated since 2011…): @OPDailySpecials

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