Back from Austin!

I’m back! I spent last week in Austin, TX, and wow, it was wonderful. I didn’t bring my laptop (gasp), but I did take a bunch of photos. Hope you enjoy the following Austin-themed blogs!

I get super nervous when I fly. It’s not that I’m afraid the plane will crash – it’s more of a claustrophobia thing. In order to calm my mind and focus on something other than the fact that there is absolutely nothing I could do to get off the plane, no matter how much I wanted to, I take photos out the window. Now that I useĀ VSCOcam most of the time, I can even edit photos on the plane too! It’s a wonderful distraction from my uncomfortable panicking.

First, I edited all the photos using my go-to preset: F2. I usually enjoy the faded look, but it wasn’t quite working for these high elevation photos. I decided to try black and white, using B5, and I think they turned out much better.

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