Jinky’s Cafe

I’m always on the hunt for good breakfast food! Last Saturday, I was in Santa Monica and went to Jinky’s Cafe at 2nd and Broadway. The cafe was packed, just steps from 3rd St. Promenade.

When I order breakfast (which is whenever I can, regardless of time of day), I always go with the traditional combo. I want eggs, some kind of breakfast meat (usually crispy bacon), and a griddle item. The problem I’ve found with a lot of places is the huge amount of food I end up with. Lots of places offer fancy pancakes but that’s all! Obviously, I want the fancy pancakes, but then I have to order sides of bacon and eggs seperately… way to much food and money. Or, cafes that do offer the combo just have plain pancakes or french toast.

What I’m getting at with my long breakfast food rant, is that Jinky’s offers the best of both worlds! You can get order a ‘shortstack’ of fancy pancakes (which also costs less) and then make a small combo with two eggs and two slices of bacon. It was the perfect amount of food for a great price. I got chocolate and banana pancakes with eggs, bacon, and house coffee.

I must say, the pancakes were a little ‘cake-ier’ that I like and weren’t totally full of flavor. Not on my ‘best pancakes’ list. But the eggs were tasty and the bacon was crispy.

Jinky’s Cafe
1442 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA

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