ArtNight Pasadena

Friday night was ArtNight Pasadena! The nonprofit I’ve been working with, Light Bringer Project, teamed up with Day One Pasadena to create “Sensory Overload.” At our event, visitors could see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and sense their way through the outdoor, artistic, sensory circus! It was a ton of fun. You could check out the art show (with local Room 13 art), play an electronic instrument, contribute to a community art project, participate in a taste test, create your own fragrance, and use your intuition to paint blind folded. We had several hundred, maybe even over 1000 people come through our venue.

Special thanks to everyone who made it possible, including the Day One team for being AMAZING, Twigzz for donating oils and vials to make your own scent, Room 13 – San Rafael Elementary School, Room 13 Eliot, and Room 13 John Muir for creating wonderful art, Troubled Ice for creating a fantastic ice sculpture, Yohei Shikano for creating an electronic instrument for visitors to play, and StarMakers Costumes & Vintage for donating festive costumes!

ArtNight is a chance to enjoy a free evening of art, music and entertainment as Pasadena’s most prominent arts and cultural institutions swing open their doors. It usually happens twice a year, in March and in October. If you are in the Pasadena area, mark your calendars for October, 2014!

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