Sunday Inspiration 03/16/14

Yesterday, I went to see the Power of Photography show at the Annenburg Space for Photography, 125 years of National Geographic. After so many hours of browsing amateur photography online, it was amazing to see real, quality photography again.

Each of the featured photographers shared amazing work, but one really spoke to me: Abelardo Morell. His use of camera obsura blew my mind. Using entire rooms to create images, making a pop up tent camera… it was truly inspiring.

All the photos were so CRISP and CLEAR. It was truly inspiring. I’ve gotten into the habit of shooting low resolution photos (because they take less storage space, are quicker to edit, quicker to download, easy for posting online, etc etc excuses excuses) but the bottom line is low resolution does not look good. I have to get back into, 1. Using my DSLR along with my phone, and 2. shooting in RAW.

Also, the photos were natural. Other than the occasional black and white edit for dramatic affect, all the photos were basically unedited. Of course, they were sharpened and color corrected, but that’s not what I’m talking about. In the era of Instagram, I’ve been really feeling the need to filter everything dang photo. These photographers let their environment speak, instead of obnoxious editing.

Basically, being at the show yesterday made me realize the source of all my photography problems – I’m moving too fast. I’ve sacrificed hi quality photos for quick snaps with my phone. Instead of waiting for the right lighting or environment, I shoot something ‘good enough’ and then edit edit edit to ‘enhance’ it and to cover up the flaws caused by my haste.

I know I’m not the only photographer out there struggling with the iPhone/DSLR balance. If anyone has some suggestions about how to create high quality images in a fast moving world, fixated on online sharing, I would love to hear what you have to say.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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