Sunday Inspiration 03/09/14

This week, on, I was drawn to how textiles are mixed in with food photography. These are not my photos, but are photos I’ve found from Tumblr this past week. I’ve always been a fan of burlap and other neutral materials, but I’d never really thought to add it to my styling. Different fabrics add texture and dimension to photos. It’s a simple detail I can add to my photos from now on, livening them up a little bit.

I tried to link these photos back to the original source. However, some had to sources or trackbacks, so I cannot credit the photographer. Even when linking back to a blog, it’s hard to tell if that’s an original source. If any of the unlinked photos are yours, please let me know! And then blame Tumblr.





Fancy Gourmet Chocolate Trufffles


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