Breakfast at Bea Bea’s

If you’re as serious about breakfast as I am, you’ll love Bea Bea’s. As they say, “Breakfast is Everything.” They have an overwhelming four page menu on two huge sheets of paper. If you’re into dessert for breakfast, Bea Bea’s has pancake specials like “Chocolate Fantasy” with Nutella, chocolate chips, and whipped cream, “Strawberry Brownie” with strawberries, brownies, and mascarpone cream, and the “Green Tea Monster” with matcha green tea pancakes, green tea mascarpone, white chocolate chips, and whipped cream – Interesting!!

Our family has visited Bea Bea’s several times and it is ALWAYS PACKED, but worth the wait. It was pouring rain when we last visited, but that didn’t stop the crowds. This was not your typical LA “rain” (which is really just mist that wets the sidewalk) it was real rain! Despite the inclement weather, the wait time was over an hour when we arrived. People were huddling under the awnings and sharing umbrellas, waiting patiently to get a plate of  “Uh Oh Oreos” pancakes. Luckily, many parties left after leaving their name, and we didn’t have to wait the whole hour for a table.

All I care about is breakfast. I would eat it all day long if I had the chance. However, in addition to pancakes, waffles, crepes, eggs, omelets, etc., Bea Bea’s also serves lunch items, such as pasta, burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Finally, they have an extensive drink list, with fancy coffee’s, juices, and teas. Basically BEA BEA’S HAS IT ALL.

If you feel like enjoying Bea Bea’s goodness in your pajamas, you can! You can order food to go! Either place a call or download the OrderAhead app on your iPhone or Android (you can also use OrderAhead on your desktop). Thank goodness (for my waistline) I don’t live close enough to take advantage of this.

Bea Bea’s
353 N. Pass Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505
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