Sunday Inspiration 03/02/14

In my continued attempt to enhance my blog, I’ve decided to add “Sunday Inspiration” posts! I scroll through Tumblr every night before I go to bed. It calms my mind and keeps me creative and inspired. I’ve been reposting all my top favorites (I have thousands, but I only repost my very favorite) on my Tumblr,

Obviously, I love food and lifestyle photography and styling. Right now, I’m drawn to bright, airy, white-on-white images. As I browse, I also think of attributes I would like to imitate, such as mixing food photography with bokeh (the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light). I’m thinking of purchasing some christmas lights to set up, in an attempt to mimic the second photo (the stack of macarons).

Hope you like this collection – it’s the style I’m feelin’ right now!

** A note about Tumblr **
Tumblr is a HAVEN for stealing photos. It’s ridiculous. Few photos actually link back to the original photographer. Just the other day, I found one of my Disney photos on a popular blog with 75 notes. My credits had been erased and there was no link back to my blog. No way of connecting the photo with my photography. That makes me (and all other photographers who get their photos stolen) sad. I decided to delete the photos from my Disney Tumblr and am my re-uploading with watermarks… only problem is it takes too much time to do that…

I tried to link these photos back to the original source. However, some had to sources or trackbacks, so I cannot credit the photographer. Even when linking back to a blog, it’s hard to tell if that’s an original source. Some did link to Flickr accounts, so that was great. If any of the unlinked photos are yours, please let me know! And then blame Tumblr.









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